Soul Mate

Our Soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.-Unknown

They have the 70’s love where men would actually take you out on date, they opened the car doors, and called you on the phone. The men were respectful and consistent. They worked hard for their relationship and invested in it.

This new generation of love, very few of us get this genuine authentic experience. We are in a time where everything is fast, we have more options right at our finger tips, and men don’t want to do the work like previous generations. They don’t want to work through the bad times, they are on to the next.It’s sad but true. I honestly almost gave up on love.

I am a hopeless romantic, I have always, yearned for a love so deep that the ocean would be jealous . But I never yearned for a soulmate until I got older.

I have been in relationships for most of my adult life, the earliest relationship starting at the age of 13 of which I would remain in for 10 years and conceived a child. I have been married and divorced. I have been engaged twice. And I have also had several failed relationships.

Honestly speaking, out of all of these relationship I thought I was in love or loved the person. Then when I look back at those relationships I realized. That was not love, nor did I truly love the person. I loved who I thought and wanted the person to be. Sad but true.

Now in these relationships, I never saw any of them as my soulmate. Not one of them. Honestly, I just never got the feeling from any of them that they would be my lifetime partner.

Only, as I got older that’s when I started to ask God for my soul mate. I actually put it on my bucket list of things to do in life FIND MY SOULMATE. (Lol)

A soulmate to me is your best friend, your life partner, your biggest supporter, your number 1 fan, your motivator, someone you can grow old with, someone who loves you during the good and bad times, someone who accepts you flaws and all.

Your soulmate loves the things you don’t love about yourself. Your soulmate thinks your beautiful when you have no makeup on. Your soulmate loves you even when you come home from a long days work and you take your wig off . Your soulmate is transparent and tells you everything, he shares with you everything, and doesn’t keep you guessing. He doesn’t hide who he is. He’s honest and most importantly his relationship with God is the foundation of your relationship.

When you find your soulmate it’s like your are living twice. You can feel your soulmate. Your soulmate is the most beautiful human being in the world.

I am blessed and honored to say I have finally found my soul mate. I love you Uchenna, thanks for making me a better woman and loving me and most importantly encouraging me to start this blog~something I always wanted to do. You have awakened my soul.

5 thoughts on “Soul Mate

  1. UCHENNA says:

    I have beautiful friends,a large and lovely family,nice colleagues and wonderful neighbors but none has been able to fill up this vacuum in my soul until I met you.
    You are that special one that knows me with total understanding,often knows what am thinking and my worries ,say what am about to say even before I voice it out.
    There’s never been gap during conversation,always so much to talk about,an endless amount of stuff to discuss ranging from little funny things to crucial issues.
    We are compatible in so many ways,having same goals and support each other’s dreams and aspirations.
    LaShawn Uchenna Ani,I have no doubt you are my soul mate and I love you with my whole being,body,soul and spirit.

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    • LaShawn Uchenna Ani says:

      You have touched my soul in so many ways. I’m truly grateful to God for you. You are my biggest fan and supporter. Honestly, I am a better woman because of you. You love everything about me, the things I hate about myself..You have lifted me up I’m so many ways. I’m forever grateful to you. Because of you I believe in love again. I love you 4ever and in the next lifetime.❤️

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