Waiting To Exhale

Life never tells us the when or whys, For every win, someone must fail -Whitney Houston

I spoke with one of my dear friends April over the weekend, and we were just having our normal girl talk. During our conversation she reminded me that we went to the movie to see “Waiting to Exhale” while we were pregnant in 1995. Keep in mind this movie came out over 23 years ago, so I completely forgot that we went to the theater to see it. However, I have seen it so many times over the last 23 years. This is by far my favorite movie of all time. It’s an all-time classic that you must watch with your girlfriends on a lady’s night.

Gloria, Savannah, Bernadine, and Robin
Image not mine-Obtained from Pinterest

Waiting to Exhale is a movie about four friends’ journey through life trying to balance their family, career, and romance. The movie is based upon the famous author Terry McMillan book, Waiting to Exhale.

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The four friends are Savannah Jackson, Bernadine Harris, Gloria Matthews, and Robin Stokes. All these women are all relatable to every woman in their own way. The movie show real life struggles all women may go through at one point in their life.

Savannah Jackson played by Whitney Houston, is very hard working and has a successful career, but she is in love with a married man. She realizes that he will never leave his wife and she must find herself and a way out. But she is having challenges believing in herself that she deserves better.

Image not mine-Obtained from Pinterest

Bernadine Harris played by one of my favorite actresses Angela Bassett, she has been loyal to her husband their entire marriage, not focusing on herself or her dreams. Her focus was to support her husband  and raise a family. Then boom, her husband leaves her for a white woman. She has no idea what to do or how to start over.

Bernandine when she got fed up
Image not mine-Obtained from Pinterest

Gloria Matthews my favorite character in the movie played by Loretta Devine, is a single mother who owns her own beauty salon and is very protective over her son.  Her ex husband is gay which she struggles with until she meets and falls in love with her neighbor. I love when she introduces herself to him and how she walks away. And that laugh she has, is to die for.

Gloria when she see the man of her dreams
Image not mine-Obtained from Pinterest

Robin Stokes played by Lela Rochon, is feisty powerful executive who does well in her career but struggles in the relationship area due to low self-esteem. She is also involved with a married man, named Russell. Robin struggles with Russell basically due to his good looks and the good sex. She ends up dumping him but struggles to find a good man.

Robin, beautiful woman just trying to find her way
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In the end, all the situations the ladies faced resolved themselves for the better.  We all know when we are doing things that are not beneficial to our lives and can hold us back. The ladies finally make better decisions to take care of themselves and learn to put themselves first.

Savannah finally leaves the married man, Bernadine divorces her husband and get a massive settlement and meets a new man, Gloria learns to let go of being so overprotective of her child and falls in love. Robin gets pregnant, leaves the married man and decides she can raise her child on her own.

As for me, I relate to all the women in some way. I can relate to Gloria because I was so overprotective and focused solely on my daughter, all the while making bad decisions dealing with men. I can identify with Bernadette as when you love someone you give your all and can lose yourself. I am career driven and hardworking like Savannah. And I can relate to Robin feisty side. As of today, I am learning to let go and allow my daughter to grow and be the person she wants to be, I have accepted that I can’t control her life and protect her from the world. She must learn on her own. I am also in love with a beautiful soul. I can honestly say I have exhaled, and I never thought I would.

There comes a point when we exhale-Whitney Houston

This is how you look when you finally exhale -LaShawn

 Have you seen Waiting to Exhale? If so, what character can you relate to most. Have you exhaled? I want a sequel, do you?

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5 thoughts on “Waiting To Exhale

  1. bukolaorry says:

    I watched this movie a long time ago, and I loved it. Low self-esteem is what I dealt with for a long time. Even now I’m still a work in progress, trying to believe in myself more. Beautiful post as always

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