Health is Wealth

I am starting to write this post, as I sit in my doctors office, waiting for my primary care physician to arrive. I have not been feeling well this week, (horrible sinus infection and summer cold) Yuck! But I have still managed to make it to work and blog.

As we age our body changes, and I don’t know about you but I want to live as long as I can. The small things we didn’t pay attention to when we were younger, become a concern. Growing up in the states and living in poverty don’t always provide you the best healthcare or food options.

Also if we know better we would do better.

Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it~ Josh Billings

Growing up as a child, I ate food that was not the healthiest because that’s what my mother could afford. I ate meat and lots of processed foods. As I gotten older and start learning more, I don’t eat a lot of processed foods. When I grocery shop, I basically shop the outer ailes as thats where all of the fresh food is, and when I do buy meat I buy it fresh not frozen.

Only as I aged and became more knowledgeable and aware, I started to change my diet. I eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and I limit my meat intake. I actually once gave up meat for an entire year in 2018 only eating fish but I went back to eating chicken. I don’t eat pork. I only eat beef when I go to the Waffle House (cheesesteak melt), however I don’t purchase pork or beef!

A friend of mind, only ate fish and his skin and body was amazing. You can tell a big difference in a person who eats meat and a person who doesn’t. So I modeled my behavior after him for one year, hoewever I went back to chicken, sadly.

During that year, I was amazed at how I felt. I didn’t feel weighed down by all the meat. But I didn’t loose any weight I just lost the meat. I was still eating unhealthy.

My issue is, I love sweets and cookies and when I was in the doctor I realized that I must give up the sugar. That’s not even why I went to the doctor as he had all the signs below in his office. I think it was my sign from God. My doctor told me at my last routine physical in Oct 2018, I was being counter productive, as I eliminated one group only to substitute with something bad.

I had only lost only 5 lbs since October 2018. Such a disappointment.

It’s August a new month, not a new year. As I am not waiting a new year to start anew. I am challenging myself to ditch the sugar, not only to loose weight but to be healthy. Just like I got rid of the beef and pork I can ditch the sugar to live a healthy life.

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What are your eating habits? Is there something you want to eliminate from your diet? Let’s Chat.

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