A Rose Is Still A Rose

Listen dear, I realize that you’ve been hurt, deeply
Because I’ve been there
But regardless of who, what, why, when, and where
We’re all precious on his side
And a rose still and always will be a rose~Aretha Franklin


I love songs with a message and this song has a beautiful yet powerful one that remained with me for years.

A Rose is still a Rose is a song that I recommend all women listen to who has experienced some kind of heartbreak or just need a boost of self love and forgiveness. This song was written by Lauryn Hill and recorded by Aretha Franklin in 1998.

Baby Girl You Hold The Power~ Aretha Franklin

By far this is my all time go to anthem whenever I need a boost or just a reminder that I am Rose. It’s a classic song. It’s that great oldie but goodie that touches your soul. You can play this song on repeat when you just want to feel good about yourself. The beat and the lyrics are life! And yes I still listen to it 21 years later. It has that kind of meaning to me.

This song came out three years after my mother passed, so when I would hear this song, I felt like Mrs. Franklin was talking directly to me. That’s how powerful this song is to me. I always look for the message in everything and the message in this song is undeniable. It’s nothing like someone who can understand or relate to something you are passing through without judgement.

Now believe me when I tell you that I’ve been hurt myself
When he tells you that he loves you and sees nobody else
And now you’re so tough tryin’ to wear tight clothes and things
Tossin’ and flossin’, tryin’ to fill the void heartbreak bring~Aretha Franklin

The song focuses on an older woman giving advice to a younger woman who constantly gets into bad relationships and make bad choices. Through out the song Mrs. Aretha give advice and constant affirmations of self love and forgiveness. This song is completely uplifting.

Whenever you are having that pity party, put this song on I guarantee you that your pity party want last for long. This is my self love affirmation and anthem. Just thought I would share as this has been a song to help me persevere and make it through life and some bad choices I have made.

Baby girl you hold the power🌹

RIP Mrs Aretha Franklin

A Rose is Still A Rose Video

What’s your theme song? Comment Below

4 thoughts on “A Rose Is Still A Rose

  1. lifewithlane14 says:

    I love love this song!! Aretha Franklin has such an amazing voice, I adored her. That’s one of my favorite songs by her. I’m not sure what my go to anthem song is but lately it’s been Carrie Underwood Don’t Forget to Remember Me. Great post

    Liked by 1 person

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