How I Found Courage To Wear a Bikini

Never in a million years, as a young woman in her twenties with a nice body would I have worn a two piece bikini. When I say nice, I didn’t have any love handles or cellulite. Everything was tight and right. My confidence level was just not there. I didn’t know who I was, nor did I value what I was working with at the time. So I always encourage, young ladies to embrace your youthfulness as you will grow old gracefully one day and BOOM 💥 a roll here and some cellulite there.

Time goes by so fast , Your going to ask yourself where did this come from. I swear I got cellulite over night. I looked at myself and really got scared. I jumped. Then I said I don’t see the weight. Then one day I found the weight it was all in my back. Geesh..Back to my story

My entire young adult life, I always thought I wasn’t good enough, I thought something was wrong with me, I was tainted by the world. I use to always compare myself to others which I know now that comparison is thief of joy. I no longer compare myself to anyone or anything. I am in my own lane doing what has been ordained for my life.

As women we often reject how we look as not good enough because we are not media or society perfect. Standards of beauty come from what others think we should look like. I am so happy social media was not around when I was growing up. Social media has a huge influence on standards of beauty. When people see Instagram photos, Facebook posts, reality tv shoes everyone looks flawless and that sets the standard of beauty. No one has picture perfect skin without a filter, no one has a brick house body 36-24-36 without surgery. No one life is perfect. Social media portrays perfection not reality.

I don’t have perfect skin, I don’t have the perfect body. What I have is confidence in the woman I have become. My confidence gives me strength and courage to wear my bikini. I set my own standard of beauty. At this stage in my life, it’s take me as I am or nothing at all. However, I am blessed with someone who loves all of my imperfections lumps and bumps and he makes me feel like I am the best looking woman in the world.

Honestly speaking, after 40 plus years on this planet earth. When I had my AHA moment, I have been on another level of self love and self appreciation.

Whenever I put on a two piece I be like “Dam Girl you looking like a snack”. I have accepted every love handle and dimple in sight.

One thing about self love, it’s like earning your college degree, once you earn it, it can’t be taken away!

Remember feeling confident in your bikini is not about loosing the extra ten pounds. For all my ladies , I challenge you to wear your bikini regardless of any imperfections and I will guarantee you a feeling of self confidence like no other. It’s the ultimate AHA moment .

If this post speaks to you in anyway comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts on your bikini

10 thoughts on “How I Found Courage To Wear a Bikini

  1. lifewithlane14 says:

    Yasssss! I love the bikini pics ❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗 my story is different. I’ve always been tall and slim and I still am but didn’t really feel comfortable in a bikini. I just posted my first and only picture on social media two months ago. I gained confidence from one a lovely lady I follow named Tonya Parker. She also inspired me to write a blog about it. It’s all about self confidence and you seem to have lots of it. I love it ❤🦋🌻

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  2. bukolaorry says:

    You look amazing in the bikinis, and I’m so loving these pictures of you in them. Before I had children, I was never ashamed of wearing a bikini, but after I had my first child everything changed…. I will be going to the beach soon , and I will be getting myself a beautiful bikini…who cares about my mummy tummy; the most important thing is how I feel in my body♥️♥️ beautiful post; thanks for sharing your story and inspiring other women.

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