B.E.A.C.H.~Best Escape Anyone Can Have

I have an unconditional love for the beach. There is just something about any beach that brings me peace, joy, and happiness. The beach is my happy place, whenever I am going through something or need a Daycation, I find myself at the beach.

There is just something about the water that is calm and relaxing. When they say an ocean breeze put the mind at ease, it’s the truth. The beach is my therapy. I can unwind and be free.

But guess what, I can’t swim! You know I always try to correlate life and everything in some way. Realizing that I am a person who likes to control everything. When I go to the beach I have no control over the water only myself.

I am just there to watch the waves, get my feet wet, get a sun tan, relax, and take some pictures. The beach helps me to realize that I need to relinquish control and to just let things be. I just need to let things go. Which is very hard for me to do.

As I look into the water, I just wish I can jump in and control it. I wish I could swim like a fish and be the Queen of the Sea but I can’t. I have no control of the water, however it brings me so much peace.

So I have to ground myself at the beach as if I have to do in my daily life with the things I can’t control, knowing that control is just fear and doesn’t make you a horrible person. Letting go of control will allow me to be free and permanent peace and be mentally at the beach at all times.

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