Friday Spotlight~My Favorite Barista

Anyone who knows me know that I am a coffee lover. Starbucks is my favorite place to get my coffee, until I can get my own coffee shop.

This post isn’t about my love for coffee, it’s about my sincere appreciation for my favorite Barista.

I have been going to the same Starbucks for over 2 years. If you are ever in the Short Pump, Va area check out the Starbucks on Gaskins Road. It will not disappoint.

Most times, I go through the drive thru for convenience. I pull up, place my order, the screen pops up and it’s the most pleasant, warm, and friendly person ever with the largest smile to greet me and take my order.

Meet David, My Favorite Starbucks Barista!


I can honestly say for the last two years, I have never seen David have a bad day and it’s early in the morning. He always have the same loving and pleasant attitude.

Whenever you go, I don’t care what time of the day it is, he greets you the same each and every time. David is always the same! Honestly I have never seen this man have a bad day. I don’t think he have any.

I usually talk to my aunt each morning before work, she’s never seen or met him before, only hears his voice when I place my order and she says he makes her day.

He is literally the best and he treats each customer as if they are his only customer. He authentically makes relationships by being hisself.

I remember one day I told him I was having a bad day and I needed a picker upper and he introduced me to the liquid nitrogen. That really picked me up. My day was definitely better after drinking that sample.

Because I generally visit Starbucks on Friday, I forgot to use my free birthday coupon and he even allowed me to use it, maybe because I am a regular. Nah, I think it is his good service as he always build good repor with his customers.

People often complain about receiving bad service but never acknowledge the good service. I have told his managers how great, pleasant, and friendly he is. And how they have an amazing asset to the Starbucks team.

I think I will contact corporate, maybe they will give him a bonus. I honestly think he should be promoted to a training position to show other Baristas how to interact and build relationships with customers.

There are so many other Starbucks, but I choose this location because of David and his customer service. David is the true meaning of someone who makes your day.

7 thoughts on “Friday Spotlight~My Favorite Barista

  1. bukolaorry says:

    There’s something beautiful about a good customer service. Sometimes I get to buy things I don’t plan to purchase just because of the service rendered. David really deserves a promotion. Thanks for appreciating him and sharing it here. Good job Davi continue to be YOU❤️

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  2. Shugunna Alexander says:

    I love good customer service! It really bothers me when I go some place to spend my money and the person on the other side of the counter projects their bad day on me. We have a McDonald’s near me that use to have great customer service then all of a sudden one day management change then the smiles just went away. They started talking about how they hated their jobs to customers, the restuarant became dirty and just a mess. I now go to another one that is out of my way just because the employees are nicer. It sounds as thou David knows the secret and chooses his attitude each time; that is awesomeness! Great post, tell David to keep up the good service.


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