Health is Wealth~ “That Sugar Film” Documentary will change your life!

I have been focusing on making small life changes because I want to live a long healthy life. So I recently, started seeing a nutritionist because I didn’t see any results from those changes, such as seeing the numbers go down on the scale, so I wanted to know what am I doing wrong!

My nutritionist is very knowledgeable and has given me a better understanding of what I should do. While I got rid of not eating as much meat, I compensated not eating meat with foods that was high in sugar.

Sugar are toxic calories because of the way fructose is metabolized in the liver.~Dr. Robert Lustig

Not only is sugar toxic. Sugar is addictive.

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Since going to the nutritionist I have learned a lot and I wanted to share with my readers. Below are 7 things that I thought was important:

  1. Don’t focus on the numbers on the scale, focus on how your body feels when making small diet changes.
  2. Convenient Fast Food is not convenient for your health. Your health will eventually pay for the convenience.
  3. Read food labels.
  4. Food labels are not totally honest, there are many hidden sugars in food.
  5. Intermittent Fasting is good. The last time you eat before bed and your next meal when you awake.
  6. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is breaking your fast. Break Fast. So it’s more so important what you eat, not a sugar filled breakfast replacement bar or a smoothie with lots of sugars like I was doing.
  7. Watch That Sugar Film!

That Sugar Film Documentary

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When I say this is the best thing that happened to me as far as education about sugar. I learned so much watching this film. I must admit I love sweets. Cookies, Cakes, Frappuccinos, and Sweet Teas.

That Sugar Film is a documentary about sugar that will change your life forever. The movie is just like the Supersize Me movie when the man ate Mcdonalds for 30 days. And we all know what happened.

According to NY Times, “In “That Sugar Film,” Damon Gameau, an engaging Australian actor-director who has been off refined sugars for years, shifts his consumption for two months to include 40 teaspoons of sugar a day, the average Aussie’s intake. And he isn’t scarfing candy and soda: Instead, to highlight the hidden sugars in so-called healthy alternatives, he consumes products like low-fat yogurt, juice and cereal.” Information courtesy NY Times

Before he started the experiment he had a sugar free, plant based diet, then he starts to eat the foods in the grocery store labeled as healthy. He gained weight, got some kind of liver disease, he had mood swings and his motivation to exercise plummeted. I was in awe about how his body changed. ( watch the movie I want give you any more details)

Your body excepts what you eat, and you don’t know how you feel any other way until you try a new diet.

This documentary is a must see and will change how you feel about food labeled as healthy. Sugar affects you both physically and mentally. Keep in mind this gentleman was not eating candy bars he was eating foods that was labeled as healthy.

I highly suggest, you take some time to watch this movie. This movie is informative yet disturbing about the effects sugar have on the body. I hope you find this information helpful.

Always remember health is wealth. And sometimes the smallest step in the right direction, ends up being the biggest step in your life.

You can purchase That Sugar Film HERE it will save your life.

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