My First Richmond VegFest Experience

Go Green, Eat Clean.

I had the pleasure of volunteering at the 17th Annual Richmond VegFest. This year the festival was held at Dogwood Dell located in Byrd Park from 12pm to 6pm. It was was well organized and set up to perfection.

I never knew such a festival existed in my area, but that’s what happens when you make lifestyle changes. Everything in your life changes. I have been transitioning from eating meat out of my diet for some time. I actually started with removing beef, pork, and chicken. I was only eating fish. Then I got bored and I started to eat chicken again. But I will say, when you get rid of the meat you will feel much better and lighter.

Now I am back trying to transition again. I must say that I have seen the effects of a vegetarian and vegan diet and its life changing for some. For me, I just personally want to live a long disease free life. I found that eating clean is the best option.

The Richmond VegFest is a family event, as it had something for everyone to enjoy.

The VegFest was a free event that included over 100 vendors. The festival offered so many things from education to entertainment. The vendors included amazing food, live music band, cooking demonstrations, guest speakers, kid activities, gym enrollment, and pet adoptions.

Sponsors of the Richmond VegFest

As soon as you enter the Festival, you were greeted with a sign asking you to PLEDGE TO TRY VEG. If you would just give it a try for 24 hours, it will make a difference. The festival was very informative for people especially like myself trying to find ways to finally be complete vegetarian, and possibly vegan.

Pledge To Try Veg.
24 hour minimum. Win a Spin

According to Richmond VegFest Website, “Richmond Veg Fest’s mission is to highlight a vegan diet along with the resources that exist in our community that make veganism a positive and easy choice. We strive to make the festival fun and inclusive of all the diverse reasons in which people choose a vegan diet, whether it is to reduce animal suffering, improve human health, tread more gently on our environment, comply with religious beliefs, or fulfill some other motivation. Opposing exploitation and oppression is a motivator for some people to choose a vegan diet, therefore part of our mission is to encourage this opposition through outreach to worthwhile causes in our community.”

I met plenty of people at the vendor tables who gave me lots of literature and samples to try. I like cheese a lot, but realize it doesn’t like me. Cheese creates a lot of mucous in my body. One vendor gave me nutritional yeast to try as a supplement. I will have have to do more research, as she told me it would give me the cheese taste.

Vegan Food Vendor
Free Health Screenings
Affordable surgery and dental care for pets

There is a quote I found while researching cheese and I believe it to be true.

Cheese is Disease.

There was also lots of education about the cruelty of animals. And how animals should be protected. Animals should not be killed, slaughtered, and caged. There was a pet adoption section as well. And plenty of pets at the festival, as it was pet friendly.

Pet Adoptions
She was ready to be adopted
Image from Magazine

I found a few vendors that focused on climate change and the importance of our environment. It’s it really important that we do all we can to protect our environment, all small changes can equal to large change.

One of the food vendors, I tried was Chef Mamusu. She has vegetarian African cuisines. I got some mixed greens. They were really tasty. I also got a baked treat from My Vegan Sweet Tooth. Other food vendors also gave samples before purchasing, which I enjoyed as well.

Overall, I give my experience at the Richmond VegFest a 5 out of 5 stars. Again, it was well organized and put together. The festival was pet friendly. It was a diverse environment that didn’t make you feel excluded if you was not vegan or vegetarian. The festival offered lots of literature and education to get you started if you are a person in transition like myself.

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