Confessions Of A Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless Romantic is a person who believes in love and a person who view love and relationships differently. A hopeless romantic believes LIFE=LOVE.

Whatever you do in life, never ever give up on love. This is the confession of a hopeless romantic!

Love is the greatest of all things.

Regardless of what road life take you down, NEVER GIVE UP ON LOVE! Take it from a person who have kissed many frogs and I am blessed to have finally found my prince, which seems like a lifetime, but I believed in TRUE LOVE and it surely did happen.

We all want the American Dream: A picture perfect marriage to our college sweetheart, a beautiful home with a white picket fence, a profitable business with steady income, two children a son and daughter, and a dog.

Many times, life does not end up how we predict it to be. We go through many obstacles, difficult roads, take several wrong turns, and your like wow how did I end up here. That’s what life is all about,though. The ups and downs, the highs and the lows. It’s the rhythm of life.

The American dream is often defeated because of failed relationships. Having that special someone to build and develop a life with. Relationships are not easy. As Oprah Winfrey stated, “You can have it all, but not all at once.” I believe this is so true, at least that how it has played out in my life.

I have been married, divorced, engaged twice, and have had many failed relationships but I have never given up on love.

I spoke with a friend recently and she stated she gave up on love. I encouraged her not to think that way . Never give up on the best thing in life. LOVE!! Never let your past experiences defeat you. Always believe and hope for true genuine love. There is someone for everyone. I truly believe that.

When you hear someone say, “ I like being single.” I don’t believe it. That’s completely false. Everyone loves companionship. No one wants to grow and be alone in the world alone. Life is meant to be shared and enjoyed. Being alone causes depression, sadness, and anxiety.

I believe if you are coming out of a bad situation, give yourself time to heal. A setback prepares you for a major come back. Once you are healed you have to put yourself back out there and be available to meet new people. The love of your life is not going to come to your front door and say HELLO. That would be nice, but life is not that easy.

One thing about life, always remember these three words:


There is no need to focus on someone who doesn’t want you or want the things you want in life. No one has time to waste. The person who is waisting you time is the same person who is blocking your blessing of having true love. Always focus on making your self available and open for love.

The love door should always be open. Never close that door! Everyone life is ordained to have love and abundance. You have got to do your part.

Images: Google and Canva

5 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Hopeless Romantic

  1. bukolaorry says:

    I don’t people single people that say they love being single too. Love is for everyone and my husband always says that God has created everyone with his/her soul mate. Never give up on Love. Beautiful post Shawn❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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