A Day in Paris~Travel Thursday

I had the pleasure of spending the day in Paris on my vacation. It was an amazing way to spend my layover. If you have a layover of 10 hours or more, I highly recommend taking the advantage to see the city you are in. When I arrived in France at the CDG airport, I … Continue reading A Day in Paris~Travel Thursday

How to Move On After An Abusive Relationship

My blog this month is dedicated to all women and victims of domestic violence. This is the final post of the domestic violence series. I want to say Congratulations to anyone who has survived and over came an abusive relationship. It can be hard but it is possible. You are very fortunate that you have … Continue reading How to Move On After An Abusive Relationship

Why Do Victims Stay in Abusive Relationships?

Why do victims stay? That’s the question that is asked all the time from people on the outside looking in. If it was easy to get away from an an abusive relationship DOMESTIC VIOLENCE would not be an issue that affects 1 in 4 Americans. However, there are many reasons why people stay. According to … Continue reading Why Do Victims Stay in Abusive Relationships?

Know The Red Flags-Characteristics of a Domestic Violence Abuser

Always watch for red flags. If it doesn’t seem right. It isn’t right. Trust your intuition. The beginning of all relationships, you feel like you are in paradise. Its blissful. It’s fun. It’s exciting to learn new things and to see what you have in common with someone new. Spending quality time and getting to … Continue reading Know The Red Flags-Characteristics of a Domestic Violence Abuser

20 Domestic Violence Statistics

The right time is all the time to have a conversation about domestic violence.~Hotline.org Domestic Violence is an epidemic that is killing both women and men. Some are lucky to survive such as myself, however you still have to deal with the pain and scars of dealing with such a horrible relationship. No one should … Continue reading 20 Domestic Violence Statistics

What is Domestic Violence

It’s National Domestic Violence Awareness month and I want to bring awareness and facts to all my readers all month. Domestic Violence Month is derived from “A Day of Unity” first observed in 1981, by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence . In October 1987, the first domestic violence month was observed. During that same … Continue reading What is Domestic Violence