10 Important Tips to Plan A Wedding Abroad

Wedding planning can be stressful. You want to make sure everything is perfect for that special day. Especially, if you were that little girl who always dreamed of the fairytale, traditional type of wedding. From the beautiful dress, the bouquet of flowers, a large bridal party, and an over the top venue.

For me, I wasn’t that kind of girl. I have always been a different kind of girl. I don’t like traditional. Traditional to me, is doing it like everyone else. Anyone who knows me, know I march to my own beat. I don’t like to do what others do. So I had a non traditional wedding abroad.

I got married on another continent (Africa) in another country (Nigeria) and it was the most beautiful experience ever. I just wish my family was there.

For those who are considering a wedding abroad, I have provided ten tips to make your trip and day a success.

  1. Verify The Marriage Requirements and Laws- Always do your research. You don’t want to waste your time or money to find out your wedding isn’t valid and will not be recognized in your home country. Confirm the marriage requirements, you can do so by visiting the foreign embassy website.
  2. Passport and Legal Documents- Make sure you have a check list of your documents required. Some countries require that your passport is valid a certain number of months before you travel. You may also need a visa for the country your visiting. Always, again verify the information on the foreign embassy website. You may also need to provide birth certificate, a certificate or statement of being single, and a copy of your divorce decree if you have ever been married.
  3. Stick to the Budget-The budget is the most important part planning because a wedding abroad can get really expensive. Once you set your budget stick to it. In the budget set a side a small contingency fund for unexpected expenses, but don’t stray away from it.
  4. Don’t Procrastinate Plan Early-The earlier you plan, the more it will help your budget. Schedule your flight as soon as you set your date, because the closer to your wedding date the more expensive it will be. Planning early also allows time for your guests to decide and plan if it fits their schedule to be able to attend.
  5. Google- Google is your personal assistant . You will need google for everything. It will help you do all of your research from your travel accommodations such has your hotel and flights, to the reviews of your venues and restaurants that you will use for your stay.
  6. Wedding Planner- I didn’t have one. But if you would like one, consider the expense. Be your own wedding planner, for me it cut a lot of expenses and I just utilized google and it made my wedding day successful. Everything I selected, I made sure I read the reviews.
  7. Wedding Attire-Never check your wedding dress or suit when you are flying. I should have listened to my own advice, but luckily for me my luggage was not loss. However, I have heard of experiences where, the luggage was lost and then your in full panic mode and then anxiety and stress kicks in and that’s what you want to avoid.
  8. Jet Lag – When traveling to another country into a different time zone, you will experience flying fatigue. So don’t plan your wedding 48 hours from the date you arrive. It will give you time to catch up on much needed rest. You do want to look beautiful on your day and not like you just landed.
  9. Travel Insurance- No matter where you go and what you do in life risks are always involved. So just to protect yourself, spend the extra few dollars on covering your travels, it’s better to have a piece of mind then worrying about a missed flight, loss luggage, or unforeseen circumstance.
  10. Stay Calm-Things will get overwhelming but stay calm, everything will work out fine. Have fun and enjoy the day you have been planning for months .

Keep in mind planing a wedding can be stressful, but if you are well organized you can do it yourself with the help of google. My biggest piece of advice is to have fun and enjoy the process. I hope you find my ten tips useful. If you have any more suggestions please comment below.

9 thoughts on “10 Important Tips to Plan A Wedding Abroad

  1. bukolaorry says:

    I totally understand you. And these are really helpful points. My sister in law planned my wedding. And she did an amazing job for free😂. Great post dear. I’m sure it will help anyone planning to get married.

    Liked by 1 person

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