My Favorite Travel Apps

Who needs a travel agent when you have a smartphone. Your smartphone can be considered your modern day travel agent right in the palm of your hand. You can cut a lot of costs by simply downloading the best travel apps.

Whether you’re planning a peaceful, relaxing vacation or a fun-filled packed itinerary. There are millions of apps available to choose from but here are my top five travel apps that will make your travel planning a breeze and cost-effective.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is my favorite of all travel apps. As it has everything you need all wrapped up in one. Trip Advisor is the world’s most popular travel app and it’s the world’s largest platform for traveler reviews, forums, and opinions. You can compare prices for all of your travel needs, from hotel accommodations to your flight itinerary. You can also ask any questions in an open forum about the place you are traveling to.

What I love just about trip advisor is the traveler photo section because you can see exactly what you can expect from your hotel versus the hotel management filtered photograph that advertised to get you to book your accommodations. I have changed my mind many times based off of the traveller’s photo section. I also enjoy the Things to do section, because I like to plan my trip and get an idea of what I would like to do to get the best out of money.


Hopper is a great app that I enjoy because of the price watch functionality. This app predicts best time to buy and save by partnering with multiple airlines. Hopper will save you lots of money by monitoring the price on flights and hotels. It’s great to always plan and book your flights in advance, however, if you can’t. Hopper will keep an eye on the price for you. You can also have multiple dates watched at the same time from different airports. It easily notifies you by your notification setting on your phone. Its the brother keeper of price watching for travel.


Groupon is another useful for app to travel (especially in the states) Groupon is a marketplace cost savings app where you can buy almost anything. You can but chase travel plan here as well, but often there are some restrictions for dates on travel. I use Groupon for its Things To Do section. You can save almost 35 % to 50 % on different restaurants and activities. Many will not consider this a travel app, but eventually in the feature I believe people will see the cost savings benefits.


Expedia is one of the most popular apps to book travel. Expedia is an online travel agency with an extensive portfolio of flights and hotel accommodations. They also have a great rewards program where you get points that equals money, which can be taken off of your next hotel accommodations. The bundle packages is where you see the most cost savings. Contacting their customer service department is very easy and hassle free unlike other online app travel agencies. is easy and user-friendly. This app allows you to reserve your hotel without making a payment. You can also cancel for free if your plans change before a certain date. The reviews are informative on this app as well. There is also a function to add your accommodations to your calendar on your Apple device. You can so save your information in your wallet.

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