10 Commandments For Living Your Best Life

Would you rather be at war with yourself and at peace with the world, or at peace with yourself and at war with the world?

Nipsey Hussle

Your life is yours to live, no one else’s. It’s all about YOU! Do not live a life wherein you are at war with yourself. To never be at peace can be very painful and miserable.

No one wishes to be the Debbie or Donald Downer of life. That can be a miserable place.

If you are sick of living a miserable life, thou shall read and apply the 10 commandments that will help you on your journey of living your best life.


1. Thou shall always be grateful for the day.

It’s important to remember every day above ground is a good day. There is no need to complain. Give the lord praises for waking up, as you never know when it will be your last. Regardless, of what happened yesterday you have another day to get it right.

2. Thou shall be happy.

Your life is a business, and you are the CEO of that business. Be in the business of being happy. Never let anyone or anything dictate your mood. Being happy is your choice. Being happy is your mindset. Focus on doing and being what makes you happy.

3. Thou shall love self.

Don’t be so in love with others you forget yourself. Loving and putting yourself first is not selfish. It’s mandatory to have a great quality of life. When self love is absent, you will do things that’s not beneficial to your life. Often making bad decisions. So take care of yourself eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke or drink, and treat yourself to whatever you like.

4. Thou shall never live in the past.

Only live in the past if you plan on going back. My great grandmother would always say, don’t look back if you don’t want to go back. The past is filled with both good and bad times. Learn to live and be in the present. People who live in the past don’t believe in the future. The past is not a good place to live, it prevents you from happiness.

5. Thou shall travel.

Travel brings so many benefits to life. Those who travel are not as close-minded as those who stay in one place. If you don’t travel you have no experience or stories to tell other than the same ones. A young person who has traveled the world is more wise and rich than an old person who has never seen the world. Getting older does not make your wiser, your experiences do. Travel the world and see something new.

6. Thou shall not hate.

Regardless, of where you are in life never hate anyone. What’s meant for you won’t pass you by. You can have anything you want in life. It’s ok to applaud someone else. My light will not dim yours. When you are a hater, it’s not a good look, you are filled with envy and that’s never a good look for a great quality of life. Stop being a hater, you will be never live your best life that way!

7. Thou shall be loyal.

Everyone may have a different definition of loyalty. Being loyal is being faithful and devoted. Loyalty is unwavering support and allegiance. Never forget the people who were there for you.

8. Thou shall be humble.

The same way you can gain something, is the same way you can lose it. When you are humble you have empathy, understanding, and compassion. Never forget where you come from, never forget the people who were there for you. Be grateful for what you have, give to the less fortunate, and never be judgmental to others.

9. Thou shall trust the process.

Where you are in life, is exactly where you are supposed to be. Always remember God’s rejection is your protection. Whatever happens in life both good and bad. Trust it’s happening for a reason.

10. Thou shall never quit.

No matter what happens in life never ever give up. Always keep going. Always have hope and keep the faith. Enjoy the journey of life. It may not always be pretty, but it’s yours. Make the best of it.

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