Beautiful Struggle born…Blog UPDATE-NAME CHANGE

Happy Saturday everyone. I hope that you guys are enjoying this beautiful day and not panicking to much about the Corona-virus. Since I am semi quarantined which means I will be working from home until further notice, I have been giving a lot of thought and focusing on my blog and future branding.

As you can see a major change around here. I have changed my blog name to Beautiful Struggle!! The LYFE OF SHAWN no more. I have actually been thinking about it for quite sometime.

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.

Henri Bergson

When I first started blogging, I really didn’t give the name of my blog that much thought. I was just a beginner, I was an immature blogger, I googled how to start a blog, WordPress popped up, and The Lyfe of Shawn began! I didn’t know anything about self hosting, which I plan to migrate soon, I have learned so much about blogging within the last year and it has been amazing.

Not to mention, I have met some really great people from all around the world and have formed some great relationships within the blogging community. Thank you guys. XOXOXO

When I made my first blog post, I didn’t know what I would be discussing or how long I would even have the blog. I just knew I wanted to talk about my life journey. I knew I wasn’t going to focus on, one thing such as fashion, hair, makeup, or travel. As I found my way, in the blogging community I considered it a variety blog. I just didn’t want to be in one box because that is not what life is about.

However, as the blog has grown. I want to brand it differently and hopefully my followers would appreciate it, as much they appreciated The Lyfe of Shawn. ( I also got tired of my name lol)

But seriously,

One may ask why Beautiful Struggle. I choose beautiful struggle because thats how I feel about my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. Often times, we find no beauty in our struggles through life and we always question them. As I have grown and matured, I have learned to appreciate my struggles as they are the most beautiful.

Challenges and struggles make you who you are. You can persevere or you can break. You can be positive or you can be negative. You can be happy or you can be sad. You can move forward to the future or you can stay stuck in the past. Your struggle is what you make it. Life is filled with constant struggles on the daily. Its just not a one time occurrence. You never know when a struggle may occur. However, be ready.

Remember :

Everything and everyone has place in your life. Whether it’s for a reason, a season, or a life time. YOU MAKE THAT DETERMINATION!

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