Becoming- Michelle Obama’s Netflix Documentary Review

Your story is what you have, what you always have. It is something you own.

Michelle Obama

I have never read the book Becoming, but if the documentary is anything like the book, I must read it.

I learned so much watching this documentary that I took notes while watching. It was much needed for anyone who has ever felt devalued in anyway. The documentary gives you motivation and it also give you hope.

While you have heard so many bad things about the southside of Chicago on television, we learned that one of the most beloved and admired person in the world came from that place. A place that is often described by the media, as a crime ridden place filled with no hope.

What I loved the most about Mrs. Obama is her humbleness. She was friendly, down to earth, and she reminded us that she is like everyone of us. She came from a hard-working family who overcame all odds of what society says she should not have. Mrs. Obama talked about always coming back home to where she started and never forgetting her roots.

What’s nothing to you is your superpower.

Michelle Obama

When I realized that she was just like me, she was listening to Drake, Non-Sop. Which is one of my favorite rap songs. That gave me so much joy and relatability. She even eats McDonalds- Americas beloved restaurant. Who doesn’t love some McDonald’s french fries?

She discussed the importance of her family. Her mother is always by her side cheering her on, you can tell she is her biggest supporter. Her relationship with her brother, who she is really close with and she jokingly states that her brother is her mom’s favorite, just like we all joke about our sibling. She discussed the hard work of both her Grandfather and Father, and how they expected greatness.

For anyone, who has lost a parent, she talks about the pain of losing her father and how it’s still an emptiness for her. She discussed how she feels about what he can’t see that she accomplished.

When she discussed her choice to attend Princeton, an ivy league college. She was told by her high school guidance counselor, that she was setting her sights to high. Mrs. Obama states that she was still salty about that to this day. She also says to never let anyone tell you, that you are setting your sights high. I wonder how that guidance counselor feel today.

Mrs. Obama is a very accomplished woman. She was a straight A student, she graduated from Princeton and got a law degree from Harvard. She was a star lawyer obtained numerous awards and not to mention she was the First Lady of the United State.  She married Barack Obama, the first black president, with whom they share two beautiful daughters Sasha and Malia.

Mrs. Obama stated that the 8 years in the white house was so little of her life that we saw. She discussed how it was a little difficult being under the microscope of the world. And how when she made the controversial comment “For the first time in my life I am proud of this country”, a comment that was clearly taken out of context.

She stated that things that were being said about her, did hurt. She couldn’t pretend they didn’t, and that’s why she stop talking off the cuff and started to use scripts because she didn’t want to be perceived as an angry black woman. So, changes had to be made to avoid unnecessary controversy.

One point that she made, that I loved was “don’t focus on your stats, focus on your story.” Which I interpreted as don’t count your accolades such as degrees and awards, count your story and making it through such as your achievements.

Becoming proves that Michelle Obama is just like the rest of us.   Michelle Obama reminded me that becoming who you are takes time, accept yourself for who you, work hard, stay true to you, and never let anyone say you are setting your sights to high.

You can achieve and do anything that you want.

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