7 Things I Have Learned About Myself During This Pandemic

You must be shapeless, formless, like water.

We are living in Coronavirus Hell. Nothing is the same life has changed, everything is uncertain. You can not watch television without hearing COVID-19, coronavirus, layoffs, job losses, someone’s infected, death, and people loosing their minds.

I must say I have been affected by this pandemic in a major way, I have a close family member who has been exposed, I was laid off from my employer, and I’m just exhausted.

This pandemic has been life changing for everyone. Hopefully, looking back 20 years from now, we all will have great survival stories to tell our grandchildren. We can tell them all about the steps we did to protect ourselves, and how it affected us. But most importantly we will have survived.

We have heard the stories of the different pandemics such as the Spanish Flu of 1919, Swine Flu, Small Pox, Measles, Yellow Fever, Malaria, and Tuberculoses. However to live it and be in the midst of it all has been trying.

In life when you go through trying times, you learn more about yourself. During this pandemic, I have learned a lot, not only about myself but others as well.

Life is Uncertain

1. I have learned that life is very uncertain. Your plan is not Gods plan. While, I have always known that life is uncertain, I never expected to experience living in a pandemic. The uncertainty of life is true, when they say anything can happen, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

You Must Adapt and Adjust

2. In life you must be able to adapt and adjust because that’s the only way you can survive. We are now living in a society where we must wear a face mask, one year ago I couldn’t imagine wearing a face mask daily, however you must wear one to avoid exposure. You are protecting yourself and others.

Importance of Spending Time Alone

3. During quarantine, I had so much alone time that I thought I was going to loose my mind, however I adapted and adjusted. I loved spending time alone, however it was the thought of it being forced by something other than myself that was problematic. I enjoyed myself and the lack of social interaction, knowing that it was for the greater good.

Health Is Life

4. You should do everything to protect you health, both mentally and physically. Listen to the experts, and do everything to take all precautions. If your are mentally exhausted you become physically exhausted and vice versa. Make sure you wear a mask, wash your hands, and sanitize daily.

Nothing in life should be taken for granted

5. The saying is very cliche, yet very true. Take nothing in life for granted. It’s the small things that are important. One year ago, going out to concert or football game was taken for granted, now today it’s unknown if we will ever see thousands of people in an arena ever again.

Embrace Change Constantly

6. Nothing in life stays the same. Only a picture because it captures a moment in time. You must be able to embrace change if you want to survive, grow, and evolve. In order to have a well rounded life you must be able to embrace change.

You Can Get Through Anything

7. If you have made it to my last point, you can get through anything. Life is tough but so are you. Remember that you have to accept the inevitable. Be resilient and most importantly you can do it.

5 thoughts on “7 Things I Have Learned About Myself During This Pandemic

  1. Jim Borden says:

    I like your positive attitude and how you focused on how you learned a few things about yourself as a result of COVID-19. I wish you the best moving forward. I hope your family member has a healthy recovery, and that you find a job soon…

    Liked by 1 person

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