All Fired Up

I had the pleasure of getting back to some sense of normalcy this past weekend. I hung out with two of my former colleagues and friends Stacy and Tim.

We try to hang out at least once a month to catch up on life, but because of Covid and life changes our meetings have been limited. So we really enjoyed this opportunity. We started our day by having lunch at Sea by Thai. Sea by Thai is an amazing restaurant which only serves authentic Thai cuisine.

I had Kapow Chicken which was a really spicy dish,with spring rolls as an appetizer. The food was delicious . They also had a full service bar, which we did not take advantage of because of our next stop to paint pottery. (I never take pictures of food, it’s a pet peeve)

I suggested “All Fired Up” because it was something different to do, because you make it yourself!

All Fired Up

Is an art studio where everyone becomes an artist. At the studio you can paint pottery, from small figurines to large platters. You can also fuse glass and create beautiful, colorful glass items. There is also a wet clay studio where you can sculpt clay with your hands.

I selected a utensil holder to paint. The cost was $30 bucks, but well worth the experience and relaxing day.

Once you select what you want to paint, you then select your colors. I wanted a cement style holder so I went for gray and white.

I was pretty impressed with my finished product, as I used the sponge technique.

Pottery painting and sculpting is fun and enjoyable for all ages. While painting I felt free and very relaxed. There is no care in the world.

As you can see they didn’t have a care in the world .

To conclude, we had a wonderful time adapting back to the new normal. I suggest locating a local art studio to try pottery painting. Remember to stay safe and wear a mask.

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