Women’s “Her-story” Month

Her-story can be defined by me as any woman who is creating her own history that will encourage and inspire you to be a better person. However, according to Merriam Webster, Her-story is history viewed from a female or specifically feminist perspective. It’s March and it’s all about us women. So let’s celebrate as it’s … Continue reading Women’s “Her-story” Month

Self Care Sunday-Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself In life there will always be times, when it's difficult to remember who and what you are. These are the times when you need to give yourself TLC (tender loving care)! Understand yourself. Even when no one understands you. It's important to understand who you are. Understanding yourself is ACCEPTANCE! Be … Continue reading Self Care Sunday-Take Care of Yourself

The Power and Importance of Your Name

Why are names important? Names have power Names tell a storyNames connects you to history Names are a beautiful representation of who you areNames signify what tribe you come fromNames represents the language you speakNames identify your region you come from. I love names and names with meaning. It’s something about the thought process that … Continue reading The Power and Importance of Your Name