Happy 1st Blogiversary

Just know that everyone’s writing is terrible until it’s not. No one stuff is right immediately. You gotta work it. Refine it. Shape it. Spend time with it. It’s a relationship between you and what comes from you.Ava Duvernay I launched this blog 1 year ago today, and the quote above stated by one of … Continue reading Happy 1st Blogiversary

Women’s “Her-story” Month

Her-story can be defined by me as any woman who is creating her own history that will encourage and inspire you to be a better person. However, according to Merriam Webster, Her-story is history viewed from a female or specifically feminist perspective. It’s March and it’s all about us women. So let’s celebrate as it’s … Continue reading Women’s “Her-story” Month

Know The Red Flags-Characteristics of a Domestic Violence Abuser

Always watch for red flags. If it doesn’t seem right. It isn’t right. Trust your intuition. The beginning of all relationships, you feel like you are in paradise. Its blissful. It’s fun. It’s exciting to learn new things and to see what you have in common with someone new. Spending quality time and getting to … Continue reading Know The Red Flags-Characteristics of a Domestic Violence Abuser